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Challenges to Implementing Ideal School Design - Budgets & Aging Facilties

Child reading on Canadian Made School Furniture - Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

With Limited Budgets The Emphasis On Furniture Is Value

Across Canada, public school boards continue to operate on limited budgets. These budget constraints are widely considered the largest roadblock to an ideal learning environment.

While certain school boards manage budgets at the district level, others allow each school to independently manage their yearly budget, giving them the purchasing power to allocate funds as needed.

Regardless of methodology, budgets need to be utilized wisely by investing in durable furniture that will withstand continued daily use.

Aging Facilities & Reduced Faculty Require Versatility In The Classroom

This design was previously a staple in the North American classroom; a nearly iconic image that defined education. Uncontested for decades, this traditional classroom layout is now giving way to flexible, unconventional designs that emphasize student mobility.

Desks have given way to tables that can be moved or interlocked with one another to form group collaboration spaces. Libraries are also starting to make changes, replacing clunky

bookshelves with mobile book stations.



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