What is Triple R

Welcome to the Moen Furnishings Triple R Program. As a company, we sat down over the last year and said, "What can we do to help the community?". We have previously worked with local Edmonton organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, and we see how much community support impacts them from day to day.

Proud to support Boys and Girls.jpg

When we saw the impact that communities have on these local centers, we saw a way to help them on what we hope to be a larger scale. This is where the Triple R Program comes in. Our Reduce, Reuse, Rehome initiative could create help for these charities that they cannot get elsewhere.

We can Reduce waste going toward the landfills by Reuseing gently used and functional pieces by Rehoming these pieces with a charity of your choice. Not only will the charity benefit, but you will receive 15% off of your purchase of new furniture as compensation.  

We hope that this new program will allow us to engage more with the communities we serve but also help them in these hard times.

In order to receive the 15% discount, we require the following things:

- An invoice/receipt with the name of the charity, and your organizations name on it to prove the transaction took place

- Contact information for the charity so that we can ensure that the product is not damaged, and in working condition

*The following steps are for use of Social Media platforms*

- A post on social media with the donated products shown and tagged with

      - @moenfurnishings on Instagram

      - #moentripleR

      - #moenfurnishings

      - #ReduceReuseRehome

We hope to see this program in action as soon as possible. If you require more information on the program, feel free to call us at (780)-469-9770, send an email to info@moenfurnishings.com or send us a message in the chat function right here on the website!