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Canadian School Furniture Trends - Goodbye Traditional Classrooms, Hello Flexibility

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Child reading on Canadian Made School Furniture - Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

When it comes to learning, no two students are alike

Each student has their own unique set of strengths that accompany their education journey. In today's teaching environment, the ideal classroom is reflective of this diversity.

In an effort to create dynamic, engaging environments, many schools have replaced their rowed desks with mobile, non-traditional workspaces.

Long gone are the days of solitary rowed desks.

This design was previously a staple in the North American classroom; a nearly iconic image that defined education. Uncontested for decades, this traditional classroom layout is now giving way to flexible, unconventional designs that emphasize student mobility.

Desks have given way to tables that can be moved or interlocked with one another to form group collaboration spaces. Libraries are also starting to make changes, replacing clunky

bookshelves with mobile book stations.

Flexibility in learning commons spaces is the priority

Understanding that all students learn differently, some schools now present each student with a variety of seating options, allowing them to choose between an interlocking student table, low cushions, or bean bag chair.

Each student can select the individualized station that aligns best with their learning style, while educators can change things up on the fly.



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