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    Taper Bookshelf: Where Visibility Meets Versatility

    Introducing the "Taper" Bookshelf — the latest innovation from Moen Furnishings designed to showcase your favorite reads with style and flexibility. "Taper" specializes in keeping your must-see books and materials front and center without the worry of slippage or falls.

    Key Features:

    • Dynamic Front Book Support: "Taper" comes equipped with a unique book support system that ensures even the most prominently displayed books stay upright and in perfect view. This feature is essential for front-facing displays, making it easier than ever to draw attention to new arrivals, bestsellers, or themed collections.

    • Removable Book Support: With the seamless ability to remove the front book supports, "Taper" effortlessly transitions to a traditional spine-out display, offering the flexibility to adapt to your changing display needs.

    • End-of-Shelf Display Lip: The thoughtfully designed front edge lip on "Taper" extends its display capabilities, allowing featured books to be presented on the ends of the bookshelves. This extra detail maximizes visibility and invites readers to explore what's new and notable.

    • Mobility and Stability: Mounted on sturdy, smooth-gliding casters, "Taper" is a breeze to relocate within any space, yet stable enough to stay put once positioned.

    • Bold and Functional Design: With its striking color scheme and tapered silhouette, "Taper" is more than a mere bookshelf; it's a statement piece that adds a pop of color and a touch of modernity to any room.


    • Robust construction to withstand the high-traffic demands of public and educational settings.
    • Dimensions tailored to accommodate a range of book sizes and shapes.
    • Easy assembly and maintenance for longevity and continual appeal.

    Whether it's for a bustling public library, an interactive classroom, or a cozy bookstore nook, the "Taper" bookshelf is your solution for versatile book display and storage. Embrace the merger of top-tier functionality and eye-catching design with Moen Furnishings' "Taper."

    Elevate Your Space with "Taper" — Where Books Meet Design

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