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Tall Bot
  • Tall Bot

    SKU: TBOT02

    These may actually be the droids you are looking for, the Bot and Tall Bot are probably the most effective simplistic protocol droids, I mean periodical displays in the universe!

    • Bot is 48" tall x 24" wide x 27-1/2" deep, Tall Bot is 76" tall x 24" wide x 27-1/2" deep
    • 1/4” HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic and a 1" MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) base with 4 non-marring casters
    • 3 Magazines displayed on each side (6 in total) for the Bot and 5 on each side (10 in total) on the Tall Bot, Current issues display face out on ledges, back issues store in cubby holes beside displayed issue.

    These products are individually sold and can be purchased starting at $660.00 Contact us for more details.

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